Ashenvale PD: Part 2

The room was fully furnished but almost entirely empty. There was a desk, a chair, and shelves. But despite the lack of materials in the room, it succeeded in making one feel as though it was the perfect place to work. And that there was always more work to be done.

The desk was just a simple brown board with four legs. No drawers to hold anything for there was nothing to hold. The top of the desk was entirely clear except for a single scrap of parchment. Behind it was the chair, the only chair in the room. Years of wear had given it the appearance of something that would soon be nothing more than a pile of splinters. Yet for now it stood.

Shelves lined the entire perimeter of the walls, their lengths coated with dust save a few spots where items had recently been moved. One shelf, third from the top, had a larger spot without any dust. As if it had been hastily brushed away. Another, just underneath, had claw marks. And on another, third from the bottom, stood a small pool of blood.

The air in the room was heavy. Comfortably heavy. Like a warm coat of fur on a cold day. It made one feel safe. Not a false sense of security or a promise that no wrong would occur, but a promise that one would be capable of handling anything.

There were no sources of light in the room, archaic, arcane, or otherwise. But there were many holes carved into the walls to create windows of no distinctive shape. They seemed to capture the moonlight just perfectly enough to illuminate whatever needed to be seen. Aldous stood in front of one such window.

He was visibly shaken.

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Aldous Learns to Draw: Part 10

I’m getting much, much worse. Nymphy commissioned this drawing from me and sent me some pictures of her mage, lying there dead in a raid. I did not do well at all. You can see the original after the break if you like.

The stripes on her dress just make it look like she has a see-through dress that lets you see her broken, mangled legs. Her shoulders make her look like a shark. Her flaming sword looks highly inappropriate.

And is that poop on her head? I don't even know.

I’ll try again later, I’ll do you more justice, I promise.

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A Guide to Druid Bear Tanking in 5.0

There’s been a lot of stirring around the internet regarding the talent changes for Druids in Mists of Pandaria and how we’re going to turn into a class that shapeshifts a lot but can’t really do anything well. But people, DON’T WORRY! Druids are going to be just fine. As proof, I am going to show you exactly how bear tanking is going to work in the next expansion.

Put your minds at ease.

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World of Warcraft Stained Glass Art Designs by Aldous and definitely not anybody else

I recently had a great idea to create some really unique designs for each class in World of Warcraft. This was definitely my idea and not anybody else’s. I think I did a pretty good job because I have a lot of talent and I definitely didn’t steal these pictures or any portion of these pictures from anybody. They’re totally 100% mine. Not stolen. Did I already say that?

Don’t steal these from me. You would basically be as disgusting as that weird brain thing from Ninja Turtles if you did. Krang, that was his name. You’d be a scum-sucking, shit-eating, hog-humping Krang-face.

Click the pictures for high-quality originals.

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Ashenvale PD: Part 1

He didn’t see it at first. He almost missed it.

They’d been digging for so long that the sap was dripping off his bark and into his eyes.  He’d even contemplated giving up a few times, but every time those thoughts entered his head he quickly threw them right back out.  It had to be here, it just had to be.

“Can we stop yet, Grove? We’ve been at this for hours and I don’t even know what we’re looking for.”

“We’re looking for proof.”

“So what the hell are we doing here? What makes you so damn sure that we’re gonna find some proof? Durak was cleared of all the charges. Plus this isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my Friday night.”

Grove grimaced and turned back to his digging. Twig didn’t get it. He never did. Guys like Durak always had something to hide. It’s just a matter of finding that something.  That something could mean the difference between life and…

No. Back to work.

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Best Gender to Choose for DPS

Every race comes with its own set of “racials” that gives you combat bonuses as well as other perks, but not many people realize that there are undocumented perks you also get depending on whether you choose a male character or a female character.  I’ll go through all the races now and let you know which gender you should choose to get the most out of your DPS.

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Aldous Learns to Draw: Part 9

I think the main problem is that I had bitten off more than I can chew.  If I really want to learn how to draw I’m gonna have to start off small.  I shall start trying my hand at some of Azeroth’s simpler creations.

I’m pretty proud of this one.  You can totally tell what it is and the colors are (mostly) filled in.  I’m getting pretty drunkier right now so hopefully I’ll keep drawing tonight.

For the Horde!