How to LFR and The Dragon’s Soul: The Classiest Guide

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Won’t you have a seat?

Welcome to our raid, friend. My, what lovely feathers you’re wearing all over your person. I’m glad you’ve decided to join us. We have had a strong need for a boozekin like yourself in our group and I’m pleased to see that this void is finally filled. I’ll be discussing our plans for the evening and explaining our actions as we proceed. Please feel free to interject as you see fit.

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Updated Game Genie Codes for 4.3

Unlock the power.

Sorry about the delay folks. 4.3 was relatively smooth for addons, but on the flip side it was an absolute nightmare for getting the updated Game Genie codes. Nevertheless, I’ve gone through and found updated codes for you to use. As always, these codes do require you to have a functional version of Game Genie running alongside the game.

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Blizzard Responds to Protesters: Soulbound Items Become “Fleshbound” in 4.3

The week long protest held by the Secular Gamers of America in front of Blizzard Headquarters at Irvine, CA came to an end today when Blizzard President Michael Morhaime held a press conference announcing their intention to remove  the “Soulbound” terminology from within their most profitable game, The World of Warcraft, and replace it with the less controversial “Fleshbound.”

Protesters rally outside of Blizzard Headquarters.

“We’ve always appreciated the Secular Gamers’ passion and support for World of Warcraft” said Morhaime, “and we’re excited that they’ll soon be able to enjoy all of the great content we have to offer without fear that they’re sacrificing their own moral beliefs in the process.”

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Get Your Friends Together for a Fantasy Raiding League!

Patch 4.3 is up on the PTR and the world’s top raiding guilds are getting ready to prepare for the excitement of…


Unrelated image, but holy crap this is cute.

The preseason is a perfect time to watch tanks, healers, and damage dealers from around the globe practice their moves so that you can pick and choose the best of the best for your raiding team.

But many of you have never participated in a fantasy raiding league so you’re unsure about the scoring.  Some of you are unfamiliar with fantasy sports altogether.  I’m here today to help you figure out how it all works.

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