MA Meeting Transcript

-Okay then. Who wants to get us started?

-Umm, I’ll go. If that’s go okay.


-Ok well. Umm. As you all know… well… as most of you know… oh, I guess I should introduce myself. Hehe. I’m Terry… hi. Anyways,  about four months ago I started working on a new set. I had decided I was going to farm the TK 5-mans to try and get that rare axe to drop. I already had it for my main, but I wanted it on one of my alts. Well, anyways. I was running through and this chest I’d never seen before dropped. The Jade-Skull Breastplate. Oh, it was great. I didn’t know how I’d never noticed it before. This really nice shade of green. The weird logo on the chest. I kinda thought it would be good for a cool super villain set, you know? I completely forgot about the axe and starting putting together a set built around the chest. After I had it just perfect, I got my shopping list together and started to get that first little rush. God, it was gonna look so good. Like something to really be proud of. I started to feel that rush even more as I went around collecting the pieces. You know that rush? When you get that second piece, and that third piece. Each one giving you a little bit more. After five or six and it’s all starting to come together… mmmmm that’s the best. When you’re so close you can feel it. Some of the pieces took a little longer to get, needed a bit more farming. A heroic on a daily timer here. A weekly raid there. But that just made the rush feel even better when I finally got it. God, it feels so good. When you put that piece on and you’re actually wearing it on your character. It’s not just on a model viewer, you’re actually walking around with it. Most people don’t understand that feeling, but for me… god, it’s the best. Oh no, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t really be talking like that here.

-It’s okay, let it out.

-Well. Anyways, there was this helm. The Helm of the Faceless. From 25-man Vezax. It was perfect. It was the last piece that I needed. I got so excited when I started getting that first Ulduar group together. We went all the way through to the end, did a few hard modes here and there just for shiggles. Of course, it didn’t drop that first week. I laughed and shrugged it off. The second time was no big deal either. But then that third, fourth time. It really starts to get to you. You keep taking the time to farm for it and just keeps refusing to drop. It just starts gnawing at you, you know? I really started to lose my patience. We kept doing it over and over again and still no helm. I don’t know how long it had actually been. Probably only 9 or 10 weeks, but it felt like it had been forever. I was really starting to get pissed off. Getting tired of putting runs together just so we could get all the way through to the end, only to have the helm not drop?  All for nothing. And it was getting harder and harder to put groups together, too. In the beginning we could get people to come in for achievements they might have been missing. But after a while, people stopped caring. Even my guildies weren’t coming. I spent more time recruiting for the raid and making sure people would show up than I actually did inside the raid instance. It was taking over, it became an obsession. I was skipping guild raids, I even missed some runway events… all just so I could keep recruiting. It got to a point where I couldn’t even claim it was for achievements anymore. I’d just be paying people to come in and help fill my raid… all for a single mog piece. My friends, my guildies, they were getting worried about me. One of them suggested I try this place. And it’s really helped.

*deep breath*

-You can do it.

-With your help, I’m really proud to say that it’s been six weeks now that I have not run Ulduar. I haven’t done a single retro raid or heroic, actually. I’m six weeks completely farm free.


-I… I still do some mogging, though. Like, I still play around with pieces that I already have. But I’m not really searching for new pieces anymore.

-Hey, that’s okay. It’s a big step in the right direction.

-Yeah. The other day… there was a nice green that dropped while I was doing some dailies. I thought to myself that I could make kind of a neat “sword for hire” type of mog set out of it. But then I stopped myself. I knew that the guild bank needed more mats and so I actually just mailed it off to one of our guild enchanters. I didn’t have the heart to DE it myself, but I knew it would get done. It hurt a little bit on the inside, but I know that I made the right choice. I wasn’t hurting my guild anymore. I was actually helping them by contributing. In fact, the time I’ve saved by not farming, I’ve been able to help fill the bank with flasks to last us for two months worth of raiding. Including alt raids.


-Come over here, pick up your Six Week No-Farm Chip.

*applause, tears*

-Okay then, who wants to go next? Oh, I think I see a new face in the back there. How about you? It’s okay, don’t be shy. We’re all friends here.

-Umm, okay. I’ve never really done this before. I don’t know what I should be saying.

-That’s okay. Why don’t you start by telling us your name?

-Oh, uh, okay. Hi. My name’s Jay.


-And… I’m… I’m a mogaholic.


-Tell us your story, Jay.

Patch 4.3 Round-up & Predictions

Wow, what a day for news.  I don’t know about you guys, but I am AMPED for all the new content Blizz announced today.  There’s no time to waste so let’s get right down to it.

New Rogue Legendary Dagger

I’m not a rogue and I don’t have a rogue so it’s hard for me to give a shit about this.  From what I understand, the legendary weapon will be a black dragon egg.  Personally I think that would make more sense as a trinket or something but whatever.

Too big and too round to be a decent weapon. I guess the spikes are okay.

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