Blizzcon 2011 Live: Player Housing Will Be Time-Shares

Blizzcon has just revealed that it’s releasing a feature many players have been asking for: player housing.

Due to system limitations, this feature will be implemented with a “time share” system in mind.

Lead Systems Designer Tom Chilton went into more detail:

To begin with, players will share a housing unit with 6 other players and they’ll be able to decorate however they like. We’re really excited to be able to add in this feature and we have many plans to add methods where players can collect objects to furnish their homes with.

Chilton went on to detail the system by explaining that each player will have access to the housing unit on one day of the week. This will be randomized each week so players won’t get stuck with the same day each time.

They also want to try and get more community relationships going. Each pairing will be completely randomized and groups will have to work together to ensure that they have a well-functioning household.

I’ll post more exciting news from Blizzcon as soon as it arrives. The information is flying at us here and I’m typing as fast as I can while also holding a flask.