Aldous the Boozekin Announces Plans to Make ‘Dwindling Tentaclechins’ a 30-Part Series

Originally planned as only a four post series, Aldous the Boozekin announced today that his popular blog series “Dwindling Tentaclechins” would be extended to thirty posts.

I’ve just created far too many interesting characters that I want to continue to explore further. It would simply be impossible to cover that much ground with just one more blog post.

Fans of the series are excited, to the point that Dwindling Tentaclechins-mania was spreading all over social media this afternoon, making it a trending topic on several networks including Twitter and Pinterest.

But not everyone is excited about today’s announcement. Some fans are heavily criticizing Aldous’ announcement today.

He’s lost control of his universe. He’s just made it too massive and now he has no idea what he’s doing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved post two. By far, the best in the series. It provided just enough depth to really give his world the proper sense of grandeur while still keeping things manageable. ┬áBut in post three it just felt like he was moving into completely different directions that had nothing to do with the central plot. I’m worried this is just gonna keep on going and we’re gonna end up getting posts about characters we just don’t have any investment in at all.

Other fans have their own concerns as well.

Oh man, no way is he actually going to finish it. Have you seen how fat this dude is? He’s gonna die and they’re just gonna get someone else to finish the series like they always do. It’s totally gonna suck.

Despite these concerns, the majority of fans were thrilled to hear about some exciting possibilties that the Boozekin had to share. When asked about the possibility of an adaptation, Aldous had this to say:

It’s true, I’ve been in talks with HBO and there’s the possibility that they’ll be picking up Dwindling Tentaclechins for a mini-series. Nothing is final and it would be a long road to travel to actually get there, but it seems like there’s actually a pretty good chance that it could happen.

We’ll keep you updated with more news as it’s revealed. In the meantime, like most of you, this news has gotten us so excited that we’re going to go back and reread what’s written of the series so far. Happy trails!