Get Your Friends Together for a Fantasy Raiding League!

Patch 4.3 is up on the PTR and the world’s top raiding guilds are getting ready to prepare for the excitement of…


Unrelated image, but holy crap this is cute.

The preseason is a perfect time to watch tanks, healers, and damage dealers from around the globe practice their moves so that you can pick and choose the best of the best for your raiding team.

But many of you have never participated in a fantasy raiding league so you’re unsure about the scoring.  Some of you are unfamiliar with fantasy sports altogether.  I’m here today to help you figure out how it all works.

Fantasy in General

So how do fantasy leagues work?  It’s pretty simple, really.  First, you get enough friends together to form the league.  Most people go with eight teams, I like that number because it keeps things fairly close, but you can also choose that one person to make fun of while everyone else gangs up on them.  It’s a lot of fun.  That really the whole point of fantasy leagues, finding one loser to make fun of all the time.

The eight players take turns choosing a full team of players.  The number of players depends on the type of sport, but you’ll typically make sure to cover every role in the game.  That could mean pitcher, shortstop, and 2nd base.  It could mean QB, defensive line, and wide receiver.  Or it could mean tank, healer, and dps.

It’s entirely possible to go through this process using pencil and paper and keeping track of score on your own, but there are many places online where you can keep track of your league for free.  Personally I recommend ESPN since they’re the only website I’ve found that offers a World of Warcraft Raiding League.  Once you’re at the main fantasy page, the WoW section is under “Arcade” and you can get started with sending out invites to all of your friends that will be participating.

Each week, for 8 weeks, your teams will go head to head in match-ups and whoever scores the most points will win that match.  At the end of the season, whoever won the most matches will be winner, with total number of points determining ties.  Oh and make sure to pick good team names.  That’s important.

A good team name will last forever.

Choosing Players, Not Guilds

A common misconception about fantasy leagues is that you choose a full team that already plays together and you hope that they win.


You pick and choose players from different teams and then you get points based on how that individual performed.  You’ll usually select more players than a full 10-man raiding team and you can choose who you will actually be getting points for.

In the fantasy raiding system, you’ll choose 4 tanks, 5 healers, and 11 DPS.  That gives you a full roster of 20 players to choose from.  Each week, you’ll select 2 tanks, 2-3 healers, and 5-6 DPS to be your starters.  If a player that you chose is out with an injury that week, TOUGH NOOGIES.  You get no points for that player.

The Most Important Part: Scoring

So you’ve chosen your teams, you’ve chosen who will be starting each week.  But how do you actually get points?  Well, you look at each of your players and you see how they performed on each successful boss kill.  It would be unfair to look at each boss attempt since you could potentially just wipe repeatedly in order to rack up your points.  Here’s how scoring works for all players:

-Ranking with DPS or HPS, 5 points

Don't worry, you'll get it.

-Successfully interrupting a spellcast, 2 points

-Using a defensive cooldown to mitigate damage, 1 point

-Participating in a boss kill, 3 points

-Participating in a heroic boss kill, 6 points

-Dying during a successful boss kill, -5 points

-Failing to defeat a boss, -10 points (only applies to attempted bosses)

-Completing a boss achievement, 5 points

-Completing all tier achievements, 10 points

-Getting their first kill on four different bosses in one night, 5 points

-Full clear in a single night, 10 points

-No battle resurrection used, 3 points

-(Tanks) Never going below 50% health, 5 points

-(Healers) Never going below 50% mana, 5 points

-(DPS) Uptime less than 90%, -5 points

Now what?

Well, each week you add up the points for each player to see who won each matchup.  After 8 weeks, whoever won the most matches is the winner.  You get bragging rights and… well that’s it.  Just like with all fantasy sports, you’ll wish you could do the things that your players are doing and your life will go on exactly as it did before.  Enjoy!

For your amusement, here's a funny picture of an ugly dog and a trophy. It is a metaphor for your life. Except you don't get the trophy.


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