The Best Gold Farming Spot in Diablo 3 aka Diablo III

Ok folks, I’ve discovered the best way to farm gold in D3 and what’s even better is that you DON’T EVEN HAVE TO FIGHT ANY MONSTERS.

In Act 3, there is a little clickable chest in this spot of Bastion’s Keep Stronghold:

Wait, hold on let me get all these zombies out of the way.

There we go, it’s Captain Haile’s Supply Chest. You’re gonna click on it and get some random amount of cash:

111 gold, not too shabby at all.

So now what you’re going to do is go ahead and “Leave Game” and when you get to the menu just “Resume Game.” Port yourself back into Bastion’s Keep Stronghold and head over to the chest again!

119 gold! Excellent. Now leave the game and come back again. Have you caught onto the trick yet?

178 gold that time. Now I want to make sure to point something out here. When I resumed the game, there was an easy pack of blue monsters that I went ahead and killed instead of porting immediately back to the stronghold. This took an extra minute but I also gained a stack of Nephalem Flavor.


Yes, it looks like I got way more gold that time. But the truth is that it really doesn’t depend on Neph Stacks at all (as you’ll see from future trials). All it’s really done is waste a minute of valuable farming time. So please make sure not to engage in any combat. Enough on that subject.

Anyways, in order to get some really solid statistics on what you’ll generally be getting from this, I went ahead and repeated it for 20 minutes worth of data. Let’s see how things turned out:

198, 175, 98, & 169. Pretty nice haul so far.

Ouch. Just 1 gold? Yuck.

Well, that’s just the luck of things and it’s something you have to be prepared for if you hope to someday become a hardcore gold farmer like myself.

Okay what have we got here… 119, 42, 63, 19, 164, 50, 138, 111, 177, 69, 94, 65, 42, 38, 5, 194, 133…

Whoa, Nelly! 331 gold?!?!? Well now that’s a really pretty one.

65, 15, 50, 129, 129 (twice!), 152. And let’s round out 20 minutes worth of farming with…

…9 gold. Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

So let’s see how we ended up… if my math is correct that gives us a total of 3552 gold! But let’s try to get a better average. I’m gonna toss out the highs and the lows and see what I’m averaging for each of the remaining 31 chests…

Let’s see (3552 – 1 – 331)/31 = 103.87 gold per pick up.

And assuming 93 chest pick ups per hour that gives us a super grand total of… $9660 GOLD PER HOUR. HOLY MOLY.

You’re welcome.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna start using this fat cash to buy legendaries for all of my lowbie alts.

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