The LFR Drinking Game

Sometimes you want to go... where everybody drives you to alcoholism.

If something happens, you take the specified number of drinks. Let’s get down to business:

Someone is wearing PvP gear – 1

Tank is wearing PvP gear – 2

Someone drops group – 1

Someone drops group during boss fight – 2

Tank drops group during boss fight – 3

Hear the “you are now queued” sound – 1

Someone is AFK for an entire encounter – 1

Someone pulls/starts the encounter before the group is ready – 2

Someone ignores a basic boss mechanic (switch to ooze, press button, etc) – 1

A DPS does less than 10k – 1

A DPS does less than 5k – 3

Raid Leader refuses to give anyone else assist – 1

Raid Leader gives everyone assist, chaos ensues – 3

Raid wipes on a boss – 3

Raid wipes on trash – 5

Successfully defeat a boss – Down one full drink

No gear that you can use drops – 1

You roll on gear and someone else wins it – 1

You roll on gear and someone else wins it for their off spec – 3

You win a piece of gear – Down one full drink

Nobody else rolls on your piece of gear – Down two full drinks

Have fun! Get drunk!

*Please Raid Responsibly*


11 responses to “The LFR Drinking Game

    • cristinaFebruary 2, 2011 at 12:16 pmHi Nicole, please email or call it depends on the frame you ordered!You can post your questions on ourOr Ca:l9877-40l-8523Email: We’ve just launched the new CSR page today!

  1. If you think LFR is bad try it on a Tuesday (Monday in the states) … not only do people not know what they are doing but they are playing their third alt.

  2. Hey! I’ve been using this sheet to live through Pugs, but this doesn’t work with the new MoP LFR Raiding system (the last part of the sheet) because you cannot “roll” on any gear anymore 😦
    I would love to see an edit to this post in the matter of Blizzards new rules and systems! 😀
    Kind Regards

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