I Just Wrote A New Movie Called “Get These Bees Out Of My House!”

It’s a Thanksgiving movie. It starts on the morning of Thanksgiving and it’s about a family that’s getting ready for the family to come over. The leading man has to be someone funny that you can also feel sorry for. Like a Kevin James or a Michael Ian Black or something. And he has to make sure that everything is PERFECT because his in-laws already don’t like him and they wanted to host Thanksgiving.

So in the morning his scrappy young son is playing with his machinery in the backyard (this will appeal to the Home Alone crowd). He’s waging a war on one of the neighbors dogs or something but something malfunctions and a hive of bees gets catapulted into the house.

Oh no!

So the house is filled with bees. Wow. What a premise, I know.

They spend the next few hours trying to get back into the house and get the bees out.

Oh, also the neighbors are weird and the main guy’s rival. It could be a Zach Galifawhatever or a Jim Rash or something.

This guy turns out to be their greatest ally in getting rid of the bees.

So then one by one the family shows up and they all join the fight to clear the house of bees.

Little by little, the house gets destroyed with every failed attempt. And just wait until the big scene at the end. It’s a big surprise so I don’t want to ruin it, but it’s going to be AMAZING.

Let’s get this movie made everybody.


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