East Coast/West Coast Raiding Feud Claims Another Life

Montebello, CA – Continuing arguments between the East Coast and West Coast raiding feuds reached another high point today when a member of the West Coast’s Shapeshiftas was found dead in his home on the south block of Cypress & Lakeview.  Police responded to 911 calls from residents in the area saying that they heard gunshots fired at the residence.  Upon arriving at the scene, officers found the body of 24 year old Tyrell Ricks, better known in the raiding scene as Bignastybear, shot 4 times to death.

The most recent photo of Tyrell Ricks A.K.A. Bignastybear.

The rivalry between the East Coast and West Coast raiding guilds was originally sparked over raid composition.  West Coast guilds like Shapeshiftas, PWA, and Fire From Da Sky tend to use 3 healers while East Coast guilds like Tick Tick Boom, Horde to Death, and Demon Soul Niggaz tend to go with a 2 healing set up.

Tensions between the Shapeshiftas and Tick Tick Boom have been brewing since earlier this summer when one of Tick Tick Boom’s off-healers, a Shaman by the name of Toastwolf, defected to the Shapeshiftas to secure a better raid slot.  Common belief at this point is that the murder of Ricks was an act of retaliation by Tick Tick Boom.

“He was the best tank we ever had, man” said guild mate Arthasslol. “His dodge was never less than 42%, even if he had a debuff on or some shit.  We gon’ make them pay for what they did to Nasty.  He didn’t deserve that.”

Police have not currently stated whether they believe there was a single attacker or multiple attackers, however they have taken into custody Jonathan “Qtbelf” Brown, a hunter for Tick Tick Boom.

Jonathan "Qtbelf" Brown, now under police custody.

When reached for comment, Bloodrott, guild leader for Tick Tick Boom, stated “Shit happens.  People get shot.  Y’all gon’ come at us every time somebody get shot?  Naw, cuz we ain’t done shit.  We was all playin’ pandas and shit at Blizzcon when Nasty up and died, yo.”

Security personnel are currently stationed outside the homes of other Shapeshiftas members. “Not just for their safety, but to ensure that they don’t go attempting any retaliation of their own against Tick Tick Boom,” said Chief of Police, Arturo DeCastillo.  “The last thing we want is to see this feud keep escalating until our server’s got no progression on it whatsoever.”

We’ll keep you updated on the police investigation as it continues.  Meanwhile, crowds have already begun flocking in order to remember Bignastybear.

A crowd gathers to grieve the loss of Tyrell "Bignastybear" Ricks.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bignastybear’s friends and family.


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    • We finally got a comment from Bane: “Hold up, let’s kill this motherfuckin’ Ray Charles dragon first.” We’re working feverishly to decipher the meaning of these words.

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