Blizzcon 2011: My Favorite Costumes

Blizzcon 2011 was quite a blast, but unfortunately it’s all over.  We can reminisce about the fun times we had and of course we can look back at all the photos we took and relive the experiences.  And the best part of doing that is trying to determine what your favorite costumes were.  Remember, memories are temporary but costumes are forever.  Here are some of the greatest costumes I found at Blizzcon this year, as well as my own 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place picks.

I’ve also added captions to all of the pictures for those of you who aren’t familiar enough with Blizzard games to know who they’re dressing up as.

First group of costumers I saw while waiting in line. I think they were Greek or Roman or something.

Not sure what she was supposed to be, but she looked kinda slutty so it was probably a Sylvanas costume.

A zombie or something.

This guy got in the way of the picture, but his girlfriend had a really good Sylvanas costume.

Don't let the long hair fool you, this was a dude dressed up as an elf or something. Also, ignore the dragon, that was a puppet not a costume.

Another pretty good Sylvanas costume.

Double Sylvanas Action!

There were lots of really good twat costumes at the con, but this was one of my favorites.


Another decent Sylvanas.

Okay, now for my top picks.  3rd place goes to a really cool costume that had some nice effects on it.  I don’t know who it was but the guy was floating through the air the entire time and he had all these cool tentacle things sprouting out from him.

Very impressive to be able to stand still for such a long time.

My 2nd place pick goes to a guy who was dressed as a cool spy or something like that.

Serious. Business.

That would have been my #1 pick, but then I was in for a real surprise.  We were out at dinner on Saturday night and I came across the most fantastic Sylvanas costume I had seen.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the winner of the Boozekin Blizzcon 2011 Costume Contest… Sylvanas!

And she wasn't even at Blizzcon.


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