26,000 Turn Out for Renegade Boozecon

Thanks to everybody for making our Renegade Boozecon a success. That’ll teach Blizz to mess with the little man and try to use their power and resources to shut us out.

A couple of weeks ago I asked you to show up and occupy Blizzcon so that they know there are repercussions when they try to cancel smaller events like mine. I’m very proud to say that 26,000 people showed up to support my cause. Blizzard will certainly feel the force of this blow for months to come. To quote Chris Metzen:

They were boozing out all over the place. It was absolutely insane. I couldn’t stop shaking.

Thanks again to everybody who turned out. We’re starting to put our plans together for Boozecon 2012 and we can’t wait to see everyone there next year. Hopefully Blizz knows better than to try and get us cancelled again next time.


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