Boozecon 2011 CANCELLED, You Can Thank Blizzard

No... No!... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Well we’re two weeks out from WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN Boozecon 2011, so naturally I contacted the Anaheim convention center earlier today to make sure that everything was all set.

The news I received was not good… not good at all.

Apparently, the ASSHOLES AT BLIZZ decided they wanted to hold their convention at the exact same time and the exact same place.  Yeah, funny coincidence, isn’t it?  Sounds like someone didn’t like the fact that there was finally a hard-hitting blog out there to report on all their illicit activities and backroom deals that they don’t want you to know about.  Unfortunately for us, Blizzard has all kinda of fat cash and fancy lawyers to throw at the Anaheim Convention Center, so I couldn’t even compete.

But you know what?  I ain’t going down without a fight.  I’m still gonna show up at their “Blizz”con (the fuck kind of name is that?) and I’m hoping everyone who was planning to attend Boozecon will still show up.

That’s right folks… RENEGADE BOOZECON.

Obviously, I won’t be able to provide refunds for any of you that have already purchased your 750mL tickets, but I invite you to bring those tickets to the Anaheim Convention Center anyways so we can have the necessary courage to fuel our Renegade Boozecon.

We did have some announcements for the future of Boozekin that we were saving for the convention, but now that it’s technically cancelled you can look forward to seeing the exciting news pop up here sooner rather than later.

Upon hearing word that Boozecon 2011 would officially be cancelled, special guest attendee Sir Anthony Hopkins issued the following statement:

“Man, that’s fucking bullshit.”

We’re totally with you A-Hop, totally with you.


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