It’s Motherfuckin’ Punkin Time

GOOD NEWS.  IT’S OCTOBER.  Yeaaaaaaah.

And that means it’s gonna be Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas which is fun because those are the best holidays but it also means that stores are filled with spices and punkins and shit.  Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Get drunk.

Step 2: Get too drunk.

Step 3: Go to sleep.

Step 4: Wake up with a hangover.

Step 5: Make some coffee.

Step 6: Put this shit in your coffee:


I found it for 98 cents at Target.  I saw it and thought “How would you like to drink Punkin Pie for breakfast every morning, Aldous?” And I said “I would love that very much,” so then I bought it.  It says it’s good for 32 servings but it’s really only good for about 6 or 8 because damn I use way too much yo.


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