Tickets Now Available for Boozecon 2011

And there was much rejoicing.

You read the headline?  Hell yeah you did.  That’s why you can’t stop joyously fist pumping.  You want details?  Hell yeah you do.

Boozecon 2011 will be held October 21-22 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.  Tickets are now available at your local grocer or liquor store (depending on liquor laws in your county or parish).  Just purchase 750mL of your favorite liquor from any location and bring it to the convention center for instant admission.  Whiskey is preferred, but for attendees that are so inclined a 12-pack of beer is also acceptable (none of that light bullshit, please).

There will be tons of booze, drinking games, booze, pizza, booze, and a special keynote presentation from Aldous (me) where he (I) will reveal the newest exciting boozekin project!  More details on Boozecon activities for this year will be released in the coming weeks.

Must be 23 or older for admission.


5 responses to “Tickets Now Available for Boozecon 2011

  1. Because 21 year olds are douchebags and 22 year olds are just 21 year olds that are a year older. 23 year olds are better (but there will be still be some douchebags).

    And I’ll be at the Anaheim Convention Center. PAY ATTENTION. I’ve got the whole place rented out.

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