Brewfest 2011: How to DPS Coren Direbrew

The most glorioush holiday in all of Azeroth is upon ush… hic!  Coren Direbrew is not the pushover you once remember him ash though.  There are some intereshting fight mechanics that I will be covering today through a series of picturesh… hic!

Kill him. Take his mugs.

Click through to see the gallery.

(Edit: I took out the shitty WordPress gallery and just slapped all the pics on the page, sorry if it’s huge!)

(Edit 2: that’s what he said)

The fight should start with the tank pulling the boss and you heading outside of the main room.

Stop and listen to the band if you wish, but to really min/max your dps then you should just run past the drums.

Head up the stairs…

I recommend ordering anything with alcohol in it.

Now head back to the main room.

Hold onto the rails for stability.

The boss should be dead at this point.

Loot corpse!


5 responses to “Brewfest 2011: How to DPS Coren Direbrew

  1. I’ll have you know that Kirian did this on our last Coren run…I was trying to figure out why there was no mage on Recount, and then I saw her dot in the bar. She said she was doing Coren as she had been trained by Aldous!

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