Ripping off Rift already?

Well well well, what a surprise.  Blizz has already started ripping off Rift.  We knew it was only a matter of time (since they rip off everything anyways) but I really thought it would take them a bit longer to start ripping them off.  And I really didn’t think it would be so… obvious.

I was running through some Black Morass in the Caverns of Time and lookie lookie what I came across:

Oh, I wonder what this could be? </sarcasm>

That’s right, a big floating portal thingy in the sky.  Surely, this big floating portal thingy is just part of the scenery.  Surely, it couldn’t be an entryway for some evil creature to come out and start attacking our world.  Surely, I won’t have to…

An evil bird? What a surprise!

Okay, fine Blizz.  I’ll play along with whatever you have to offer here.  I killed their stupid bird creature and then of course, just like in the massively more successful game, Rift, this portal instantly closes once I’m done killing the creatures pouring out of it.  Off to the next one!

To make matters worse, the smug assholes at Blizzard don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re ripping off Rift:

Seriously, look at that shit.

And look at this asshole, too.

Who the hell even is this guy?

I don’t know who he is but I don’t like him.  I’m sure he’s ripping off something.  Just because I don’t know what it is, doesn’t mean that he’s not doing it.

We’re all on to your game, Blizz.  Maybe next time you design an instance you should try to come up with some ideas instead of just blatantly ripping off other people.  If you’d open your eyes you’d see that there’s a reason nobody ever runs Black Morass.


4 responses to “Ripping off Rift already?

  1. Umm… just so you know. The time rifts in Black Morass came out LOOONNNGGG before Rift was even a concept game. So no, Blizzard did not rip off Trion Worlds.

    • Ugh, typical Blizzard fanboy response. Look, I’ve been playing this game for a LOOONNNGGG time now and I know my shit. If you need proof of that you should check out my ideas to improve the druid class or my guide to min/maxing your dps with vanity pets. Maybe then you’ll realize what kind of an expert you’re talking to.

  2. If you were such an expert, you’d know that the caverns of time and black morass went live in 2008. Rift launched on march first 2011. Yeah, and you aren’t the only one who has played a long time. Also, Rift doesn’t have time rifts anyway. So no, not a “fanboy” response. Since you claim to be an expert, im just trying to help you not lose credibility since you didn’t notice the three year difference.

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